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Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Newbury |
A Company Insight into Temporary Roofing Construction

Temporary roof scaffolding is, as the name suggests, a temporary structure our company uses on top of a traditional domestic or commercial scaffolding structure to protect exposed parts of a building, and the roof interior, from the elements. With residential scaffolding, this is usually a short-term option used until a contractor can complete a repair. Commercially, our scaffolding company hires out and constructs temporary roofs over longer hire periods.

If you need domestic scaffolding services in Newbury, or commercial services if you are a main contractor or developer, Aspect Scaffolding is here to assist you. Because scaffolding is so often an urgent requirement, our team will work into the evening, or over the weekend, to accommodate your needs. Please read our testimonials to read how well-regarded our service is.

A temporary roof usually has a corrugated sheet or shrink wrap covering.


What are the Benefits of a Temporary Roof?

Residential scaffolding and commercial scaffolding projects in Newbury will differ greatly. Domestic work tends to be smaller in scale than a commercial project, so we manage operations around your personal requirements. A good scaffolding company will know how to be flexible with handling your project, knowing what it needs and delivering its services in good time.

The benefits of a temporary roof include:

  • Protection against bad weather with the covering used to keep work areas dry even during the wetter autumn and winter months

  • Protection against ultraviolet light, an important consideration for those who need domestic scaffolding, or commercial, during summer

  • Although we use high-strength components, sheets and shrink wraps, temporary roof scaffolding is lightweight and easy to transport

  • Because contractors in Newbury can work safely beneath a covering, projects run to time so that businesses can satisfy their own clients

  • A temporary roof is a versatile choice for a wide range of situations, and one that our team can install, dismantle and reuse frequently

Considerations for Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding

Temporary roofs are critical to all domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding projects. It is the role of our scaffolding company to make sure you are suitably equipped with the tower and the covering your project needs. The first thing we need to establish is whether your temporary roof scaffolding will use corrugated sheets or shrink wrap.

Aspect also considers the size of your project. With residential scaffolding, the span will sit somewhere between 20m and 40m. Commercial projects tend to be much bigger, so we adapt our services to any shape or size of building.

We may also suggest a particular brand of scaffold if we need to make adaptations based on your own project’s specification.

We can assure you that whenever you need us to construct temporary roof scaffolding in Newbury, we will be responsive in our approach and totally professional with our service delivery. We build lasting relationships with clients by always treating them as the most important people in our business.