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Domestic Scaffolding in Reading |
Reasons to Hire a Scaffold for a Residential Project

During a normal day, you could walk past commercial scaffolding structures in Reading several times without really noticing them. Domestic scaffolding on a residential property stands out more because fewer people need a scaffold for a home that is already built. When homeowners need a tower erected, Aspect is the scaffolding company they will usually call.

We specialise in residential scaffolding and temporary roof scaffolding for domestic properties as well as in towers for commercial projects.

There are many reasons for a homeowner to need domestic scaffolding and we look at the most common of these reasons on this page. If you have never used a scaffolding company before, we know you’ll be impressed by our approach, our service delivery and our workmanship. Please contact us at Aspect Scaffolding to discover more about our services today.

How to Use Our Residential Scaffolding Services

  • Home Improvements

  • Property Maintenance

  • Building Repairs

  • Cleaning Windows


Home Improvements

If you are having an extension built or a property renovated, you will need a domestic scaffolding service to give your chosen contractors a safe platform from which to work. It is much safer to work at height on towers than it is to try and access those hard-to-reach areas using ladders, stepladders or trestles.

Should you need to have a roof repaired or replaced on a Reading property, you could also need to use our company for temporary roof scaffolding.

Property Maintenance

Whether you plan to do a little work as part of a DIY project, or if you decide to use contractors instead, you will still need a residential scaffolding service to give whoever does the job safe access to all parts of the build. You may wish to use our scaffolding company for a birdcage or a staircase design.

Whichever way you decide to go, a scaffold will be instrumental to getting the job done. We also erect commercial scaffolding for maintenance work.

Building Repairs

Even if a job is being undertaken by a professional, the services provided by Aspect Scaffolding still fall inside the domestic scaffolding category, not commercial scaffolding. If you are having a roof repaired, your roofline replaced or the exterior walls rendered, then a scaffold will be essential to the job’s success.

If your home will be without a roof while a contractor is repairing it, we can supply temporary roof scaffolding on a short- or long-term hire basis.

Cleaning Windows

A scaffolding company can also use residential scaffolding to give window cleaners safe access to their workspace. A scaffold is a perfect choice for buildings in Reading with multiple floors, although some window cleaners will use mobile towers on wheels to work on multiple two-storey properties.

We can also help window cleaners directly by offering them a commercial scaffolding service if they have major projects to complete in the area.