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Temporary Roof Scaffolding in
Reading, Newbury, Wokingham and the Surrounding Areas

Aspect Scaffolding supplies and erects temporary roof scaffolding for clients in the domestic and commercial sectors. Based in Reading, our scaffolding company covers the nearby Newbury and Wokingham areas, and all other locations in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Wiltshire. We can supply temporary roofs for your projects on a short-or long-term hire basis.

You can hear what our previous customers in Berkshire and the surrounding areas have to say about this service by reading their testimonials. We also invite you to see our systems in use on our website gallery.

From the roof of a terraced home to commercial developments and even football stadiums, we have the resources at our disposal to keep people and property protected whilst still providing contractors with safe access solutions.

Our company can supply temporary roof scaffolding for standard builds with corrugated sheets which can withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at it. For roofs with irregular shapes, we can use a shrink wrap which we precisely render to a specific shape or size.

Aspect Scaffolding will work with you to identify your needs, design a specification, plan a suitable time for installation and erect your temporary roof. The main purpose of this service is to keep exposed properties covered, protected and watertight, and to safeguard contractors from inclement weather conditions.


A Professional Standard of Installation

You can choose our scaffolding company to supply and erect a temporary roof across spans and sizes which are bespoke to projects in Reading, Newbury, Wokingham and the surrounding counties. This makes this service suitable for all domestic and commercial projects. During the wetter autumn and winter months, temporary roof scaffolding is a proactive choice that will protect the working environment and the contractors who use it.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Protection against the elements for properties and building contractors to minimise the impact of weather damage and enhance safety

  • Encloses the working area to keep site operations enabled, eliminate downtimes and keep the project running to the agreed timescale

  • Improved site and safety conditions. The corrugated sheets and shrink wrap of a temporary roof minimises rain, frost and snow impact

  • Keeps tools and equipment left onsite safe and protects the building against further damage while looking for a permanent solution

  • Fully customisable to the needs of the project and erects quickly using a choice of materials based on the roof’s size, shape and contours.

If you would like to find out more about temporary roof scaffolding, or if you already have the knowledge that you need but would like to use our scaffolding company to erect on your behalf, please contact us today. We understand that this service may require a faster response time. The Aspect Scaffolding team can work into the evening and over weekends.

This is what makes us such a versatile choice with clients from a wide range of sectors in our hometown of Reading, throughout the nearby Newbury and Wokingham areas, and across all surrounding counties including Berkshire.